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Part One: Your Details

What's your passion?

Tell us what kind of art you create and why your work means so much to you.*

What materials are used to create your art?

List all materials and tools used to create art from start to finish.*

What unique aspect will you include in your booth?

Tell us how you will showcase what you do best.*

Part Two: Booth Information

What size of booth will you need?*

Power included in both booths.

Will you need any chairs or tables?

Chairs are $5 and tables are $10. Please specify how many of each you require.


Please make sure to include five pictures of some of the art you plan to sell at your booth and one picture of a previous booth setup.

Part Three: Artist Agreement

  • The artwork I present at Discover is made by me, original and similar to the example work submitted for consideration and I will sell only this work
  • Artist or second person must remain at their booths until the end of the event
  • I am responsible for the collection of government taxes
  • I have read and understood the cancelation policy
  • I will maintain my assigned space in a clean and orderly fashion and will remove trash from the site during and at the end of the event
  • I authorize the Kelowna Curling Club to use images I have submitted to promote me and Discover in any promotional material they may use and online. Image credit will be provided wherever possible using the name you provided in the application.